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Our garage services include:

Car Servicing

We offer competitive pricing for your car service which will include replacing engine oil, all filters, tyre checks and general maintenance checks. It is important to have regular services to ensure your vehicle runs efficiently and does not incur costly problems. We also offer a winter health check to make sure your car is prepared and ready for the British winter weather. Depending on the make and model prices of a service will vary starting from £45 plus parts so please give us a call for a quote.


We offer competitive prices for replacing and repairing tyres. We sell tyres ranging from budget to premium from all the main tyre manufacturers and most tyres can be ordered in same day and fitted while you wait. Many cars fail the MOT test due to worn tyres so it is very important to check your tyres regularly to ensure you are driving legally.


Many cars also fail the MOT test because of worn brake pads or discs. We can replace these for you at competitive prices and can check that your brakes are safe.

MOT’s and MOT Repairs

We offer MOT’s booked in advance and are able to perform any repairs necessary to get the vehicle through the test. We will always contact you before performing necessary work and advise if repairs are not cost efficient.

Engine Diagnostics

Should you have engine fault warnings or performance issues we have specialist computer equipment to enable our mechanic to diagnose the cause.


Should you need a replacement battery we can offer competitive prices or if you cannot start your car and need recovery we offer a local recovery service. Please contact us for details.

Cambelt Repairs

We are able to offer timing belt repairs and replacements. It is important that the cambelt is replaced according to manufacturer recommendations to ensure that engine components are not damaged. If you are unsure please contact us for information.

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